LUZA pieces silver 925 gold-plated have a treatment that over time and in certain circumstances, such as contact with skin, clothes, surfaces, chemicals, and many others, ends up disappearing. However, there are ways to slow this process down:

  • Avoid contact with corrosive products (perfumes, creams, household products, soil, chemical fertilizers);
  • Avoid contact with water, as it will cause the color to fade;
  • Place the jewelry after creams and perfumes have been completely absorbed by the skin;
  • Store the jewelry in a suitable place. After using them we advise you to keep them in a box or a bag, like the ones we offer;
  • Do not leave your jewelry in a damp place. Keep them in a dry, dark place and individually to avoid direct friction that can cause scratches or other damages to the parts that are bathed;
  • Do not leave your jewelry exposed to the sun for a long period;
  • Clean you jewelry frequently with a clean, soft cloth.

All Luza pieces are proudly designed and manufactured in Portugal. Those made of silver 925 and silver 925 gold-plated are certified by the INCM – Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Música S.A. At INCM the legal touch (precious metal per thousand contained in an alloy) is verified to guarantee quality, as well as the application of contrast with the responsability mark, manufacturer ou equivalente.