Luza was created in Porto, the Invicta of Portugal. We're a jewelery brand made of Silver 925 and Silver 925 gold-plated, bathed in gold, designed and made in this country. Elegant, exquisite, tímeles and simple, but simultaneously bold. It wants to win over women all over the world who identifies with these characteristics.


Initially, the brand´s intention was to spread the portuguese culture with an elaborated line of necklaces, specially through tourists that visit Portugal. Over time, she chose to be reborn and started to design collections different from what she was used to, using 925 silver plated in gold.


The main source of inspiration for the collections will always be mostly elements related to Portugal, hence its name: Luza

Our collections

Aurora Collection

Aurora is a beautiful, bright and luminous phenomenon that can be observed in the night sky of the polar regions of the northern and southern hemisphere. It also means the beginning of life and a beginning. Consisting of two lines, this collection is called Aurora for its meaning and the stage in which Luza is. While the design maintains a connection to Portugal, the name of each piece allows you to travel spiritually through the places where it is possible to see this luminous sky.

Saudade Collection

Luza´s limited collection. Saudade is a portuguese word refered to the feeling of nostalgia caused by the memory of a person, a past moment or a place were we would like to return. More than necklaces, they are a special souvenir of Portugal for all women, whether they know or not this country. This necklaces are crafted and elegant, designed for women who appreciate design and likes to stand out. This collection consists on 6 lines with the most important icons for the portuguese culture. Made of brass, painted in high resolution silkscreen and high temperature enamelling with antiallergic baths of yellow gold, rose gold and silver.